Self-publishing: Setting goals and tracking data: Part 2


So, as I said in my last post, I want 1,000 downloads per month of the first 2 Dr. Matt books. What are my other goals?

First, my current book plan:

I’ve been working on the first 5 books of the Cara and Charlie series, a satirical fantasy series. The first two are published. The third and fourth are written and are in different states of revision. The fifth is partially written, and is in progress.

Once I have the first five books finished, I plan on putting together “Volume 1” of the first five books in digital and print form. The standalone books will remain digital only for $2/pop. The print for Volume 1 will be something like $7.99, and perhaps the Kindle version will be as well, meaning that whatever the price, the volume is a savings over buying the “episodes” individually, no matter if you buy Volume 1 in print or digital form.

I really want to make the best deal for the “collection” because, of course, Amazon provides a better percentage to the author for books priced over $2.99. I wanted to price the individual novelettes lower, so the $2 books default to the 35% royalty option.

Those options being the case, I’d like to hit a goal of 1,000 downloads a month for each digital download.

But, that being said, the royalty percentage (and price point) for books makes a huge difference. If I eventually hit 1,000 sales per month of The Adventures of Cara & Charlie: Volume 1, then that book alone would be equal to the revenue of all the other books combined. Math is fun.

Therefore, what I’m seeing is an ideal path of a variety of low-priced books that funnel into a higher- priced book.

Will that work? I don’t know. But I’m ready to find out, and ready to change any of that depending on what I discover.


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